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    Doctor Who TV theme tune

    Download the Doctor Who TV theme tune from the following websites:

  • Mark Little's MyThemes

  • Television

  • Theme Tunes Hut

  • KitJunkie Themes
    [Version: 1985]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: 1st version]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: 2nd version, full length]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: 2ndt version]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: 3rd version]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: 4th version]

  • Theme Tunes Hut
    [Version: Movie]

  • Earthstation1
    [Version: Pop Song]

  • Television
    [Version: Unused]

  • Television
    [Version: Xmas special]

  • Mark's TV Themes

  • Mark's TV Themes
    [Version: Original and 2005 Versions]

  • Fuggled

  • Television Heaven

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    You say...

    this is bull shit
    From: mclovin, home (02 May 2012)

    OMIGOD!!!This has to be the best show I have ever seen.I’ve seen every episode evn the old ones!I know I’m not British but I sure do wish!I bet all ya’ll people out there who watch the show are addicted to it and can’t stop watching it because I can’t I love it so much!!!!!
    From: Riley, Nashvill,Tennessee (27 March 2012)

    Absolutely Brilliant ! - I’d forgotten all the middle bits.
    From: Andy Findlay, Chorley, Lancashire (13 May 2011)

    That compilation is absolutely fantastic, and made me all nostalgic - GENIUS!!
    From: Janette Simpson, Perth (05 January 2009)

    From: Denis Sweeney, Wakefield West Yorkshire (08 March 2009)

    that was great. I just had to sit through all 8 minutes Twice. Thanks for that.
    From: Paul B, Jersey Channel Islands (22 February 2009)

    One sentence.. BLOODY BRILLIANT
    From: Carmen Marris, Suffolk (22 January 2009)

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