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    [Last updated: 24 February 2009]

    Theme tunes

    Here at Tellytunes, we used to get dozens of emails every week from people desperately searching for particular TV and film themes. To those in the know, most of these themes are pretty easy to track down - if you know where to look - but there are many of you out there that just don't know where to start looking.

    So, we launched the Theme Finder, a one-stop guide to which themes are where on the Internet. You can either browse through the A-Z guide above for your theme or search for it using the box on the left. If the theme's available somewhere on the Internet (that we know of), you'll be pointed straight in its direction.

    The Theme Finder database currently includes listings for 28 different TV and Movie Theme websites on the net, that's a massive 9,300+ tv theme listings - so there's a good chance you'll spot what you're after here.

    In the A-Z listings, any tv shows which may start with "A" or "The" have had that word removed and are instead listed under the first letter of the next word (eg The Flintstones is under F etc)

    Shows may occasionally appear in more than one place on the list, depending on the use of characters (eg & or and), spelling errors, spacings etc. so it's always worth having a scroll down the full list if you initially have trouble spotting a theme.

    Because of the amount of info in the Theme Finder, some pages may take a moment to load into your browser on slower connections - please be patient - it's worth it, honest!

    Although we do our best to update the Theme Finder database regularly, latest additions to some sites may be missing from the Theme Finder at present. Webmasters can submit their latest theme additions to be added to the Theme Finder database by contacting us here.

    If you have any comments or questions about the Theme Finder, feel free to contact us.

    Have we missed a site? To get YOUR TV Themes site included in the Theme Finder, just contact us with the details including the site's URL, name and a simple text list of the themes that are on it. (Theme names only - we don't need durations, file sizes, URL of each file etc)

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