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    The Story So Far...
    July 2000 and Oxide and Neutrino's Casualty theme remix has miraculously topped the charts. Not since the likes of 2 Unlimited and Jive Bunny have I sat back and thought "I could put drivel like this together!!". And so I set about plans to create my own remixed version of the theme from the Bill - the first task being to get hold of a copy of The Bill theme.

    This is how I stumbled across the TV and Movie Theme Archive, Chris's original Daddy of all UK TV theme sites - sadly closed for the past couple of years :-(. Through various bulletin board and chatroom conversations with Chris and fellower themers Snathe and JPS, we got nattering and it turned out that I had a load of themes kicking around that were sought-after. And so Tellytunes was born, a supplementary site to the Theme Archive.

    Over the next year, the site grew, digging up classic themes from the past with the help of some co-horts (cheers Le Dog & Jimmy!) as well as capturing some of the latest themes from TV. But it started to go pear-shaped in June 2001 when we were slapped firstly by a warning from ITV solicitors telling us to remove all ITV themes from the site. Then our ISP starting pulling the plug on some of our hosting accounts, reducing the site back down to a crumbled heap of it's former self!!

    Good Ol' Spamland! The original TV and Movie Theme Archive where it all began!! (click for full page view, courtesy of the Web Archive)
    Good Ol' Spamland!
    The original TV and Movie Theme Archive where it all began!!
    (click for full page view, courtesy of the Web Archive)
    Tellytunes - mark II! (click for full page view, courtesy of the Web Archive)
    Tellytunes - mark II!
    (click for full page view, courtesy of the Web Archive)
    The increased hassle from the site, together with the appearance into the world of my baby son pretty much called a halt to proceedings in November 2001.

    But come August 2002 and we were back with a new-look site, together with our fourth domain name. Legal disaster struck again however in November when the Performing Rights Society got in touch asking us to cough up a download license fee of 149 per 30 seconds of material available on the site, so we sadly had to remove all direct downloads from the site.

    Tellytunes - mark III!In 2003 we came up with a new idea to give the site a whole new lease of life - our new Theme Finder service, a directory of TV theme available on the internet with over 8,000 theme listings to rummage through. Together with new features and site sections such as our jingles listings and TV wallpapers, the site was up and running once more!

    2006 saw yet another new look to the site and we've since gone from strength-to-strength adding more new features such as TV theme lyrics, the tellytunes tellyblog and, more recently, the brand new video section showcasing a host of classic tv opening and closing titles from across the years!

    And that's our potted history - you can wake up now and enjoy the rest of the site!

    (and I really MUST finish that Bill theme remix off one day....)

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